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With the belief that knowledge-and its practical application-can deter an individual from criminality, the following curriculum is presented. The goals are twofold:  a sound basic education and vocational training with emphasis on technology.


Assessment of academic skills and instruction in basic subjects:

  • Math (basic up to calculus)

  • Reading (beginning to college level)

  • Writing (emphasis on essay writing)

  • Study skills development


  • Instruction in the use of Microsoft Office

  • Instruction in Python & Ruby computer programming

  • Instruction in how to develop presentations using Keynote and PowerPoint


H.E.A.R.T. 2 H.E.A.R.T., Inc. views employment as an integral part of a clients’ treatment plan. We assist and monitor progress, assist with goal setting, and maintaining employment.


  • This is accomplished by working with clients utilizing the evidence based Supported Employment Model. Supported Employment is a way to move from dependence on a service delivery system to independence.

  • The guiding principles of Support Employment integrates Employment Service with all other phases of treatment.


  • Competitive employment is the goal and follow-along supports are continuous.

  • Participation in Employment Services are optional.


Mental Health

  • Comprehensive mental health assessment identifies client strengths and areas of challenge.

  • Services are recommended to support a client's re-entry to the community.

  • Individual psychotherapy for 12-18 months to build internal capacities, skills and strengths around areas of challenge; for example, anger or stress management, integration of traumatic experiences; substance abuse treatment; healthy relationships; non violent communication, etc.)

  • Consultations and individualized treatment plans support outlined therapeutic goals.

  • Comprehensive case management.



 Public Policy Update, The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
 Ballot Measures Historical Database, Hastings Law School
 California Budget Historical Documents
 California Budget Project Information on the State and Federal budgets
 California Legislative Analyst Office Nonpartisan Fiscal and Policy Advisor

State of California


Laws & Regulations
Open Congress
Search Assembly and Senate Bills

Articles & Research


California Budget & Legislation


Ballot Measures Historical Database, Hastings Law School
California Budget Historical Documents
California Budget Project Information on the State and Federal budgets
California Legislative Analyst Office Nonpartisan Fiscal and Policy Advisor
Laws & Regulations, State of California
Search Assembly and Senate Bills

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)



We believe strongly that each participant can maximize his or her potential if given access to customized, structured, coordinated, culturally sound, therapeutic case management with skilled based services.

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